End of the Year

I have to start off saying that I am very sad and apprehensive about the end of my middle school career, and the start of high school. In have a lot of frustration and happiness about the years I spent in middle school. This past year, I got the opportunity to express my thoughts and anything that I wanted to be heard in any other way. I could have told someone, or I could have written it on my blog, which allows the world to see it. It relives me when other people hear about my problems and it taught me that there is always someone out there and a way to tell someone something without being embarrassed so never hold anything in. This is a very important lesson that I believe everyone should learn, and to learn it in such a unique way which was a very good opportunity to learn by.

 My eighth grade year was such an exciting and important year for me. I have to say that this was one of my best years in middle school. The teachers on the team helped everyone and looked past everyone’s problems to teach. They allowed a lot of humor into everyday class time and everything was so relaxed and not tense so everything went smooth. My teachers were also very important to me. All of them for all the subjects were very understanding. But everywhere in my middle school career were not as good as my eighth grade year.

 Last year, in seventh grade, my year was not as successful. I struggled with a lot of talking during class time, which got me into trouble with the teachers, and soon got my parents involved. Everyone in their life is going to experience a year or period of time like this. It was a very stressful year for me on that team. The teachers were by far, not my favorite, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. The teachers were just not happy people and everything was so serious. I did not get a long with them, and it is not a very good feeling to not get along with the teachers you have to spend a year with. Even though that was not a good year, it also taught me a very important lesson. You might not always agree with people, but that doesn’t mean that you will not be successful with them. I didn’t let our relationship together affect my grades, and my grades were my top priority. Don’t let people get in the way of what really matters, and that certain team really helped me understand that.

 In sixth grade, I also had a very successful year. My homeroom teacher, Mrs. Harkawik, was such a nice lady. She really enjoyed me, and gave me student of the month. It was a great start to my middle school career. Besides my teachers, my friends were a big part of my middle school career. I met a lot of new people during middle school, and made me realize that friends are the most important thing in your life. They are always there for you and are very important people that you can talk to in your life.

Again, I am just realizing that my middle school career is now over, and I am very sad about it. Middle school was really important in my life, and though I am sad to leave, I am excited to start a new chapter in life. I want to thank everyone who made my middle school career enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to enjoy this time in my life!




A Hero

A hero can have many different meanings to people. I have to say that I have never really thought about what a hero means to me. A hero to me dosen’t have to be someone who saves your life, or someone who did something reslly important. It just has to be someone that loves you, adn cares about you. My hero would have to be my mother. We have had troubles in my family with my parents being divorced, and she is always worrying about other people. The reasons why she lives is because of her kids. The reason why she breathes and works is because of her kids. She constantly puts me and my brother before herself, making sure we are happy, and ok. She is a wonderful mother and i just want to say thank you to her for being there fore me. Like everyone, we argue sometimes, but she still comes back with love. She is a true hero.!



Do you think that the United Sates should become more or less “demorcratic?”

I believe that the United States should become more democratic in this day in age. Today, most of the citizens in our country, don’t agree on a decision made by the president or someone with power, and complain about our country. But if these people had the opportunity to be in politics, they would make their ideas said, and maybe it could happen. Also, our country has a lot of people with totally different opinions and that could make everyone come together with one opinion on a topic if more people could be heard!

Electoral College

When I first heard the question…If the Electoral College was abolished, and people could vote for their president,who should be able to vote,  I believed that anyone should be able to vote. Everyone, no matter how smart or dumb, has the right to their own opinion and should have a say in who their leader is. But after I thought about it, I changed my answer. Now, if that happened, I would want only people tat payed taxes should be able to vote. If you pay taxes, you pay for everything that you use, and all government items. By paying taxes, you are saying that you are a citizen and deserve to have rights that everyone should have. 

The Most Dangerous Question

Let’s see, that’s a really hard question. And my answer isn’t particularly a question. But, something that has to do with the future is dangerous. When you think about it, everyone is worried about tomorrow, and not today. People don’t live in the moment, and take things for granted. They need to start realizing that you can not plan the future. Things happen unexpectedly and you can not do anything about it. The future itself is dangerous.

The Trail of Tears

How would you feel if you had no permanent home for a period of time? If you lived on your mother’s back? When I was a young boy, that’s exactly what happened to me. I had no toys to play with. Everything was taken by the white men. There was no food for me to eat. I felt hated. Like nobody wanted me. I was forced out of my homeland, but I don’t know why. I was lucky that I didn’t die from the harsh conditions, and here is my story.

            I had a happy life in my village. I had a ma, a pa, and two siblings. I was the youngest. I was sitting in my mother’s lap, while she fed me. And they came in. We were forced to move to present day Oklahoma. We were also promised land and livestock, but we never got it. To know that my leader didn’t want me there made me sick. I never imagined that this could happen to me. I had a perfect life. All of those horrible things that happened on the trail were horrible for everyone else, but I didn’t know. All I could do was sit there, and wait for us to find our new home. I was too young to function. The journey was long and hard, but that’s all I remembered.  Today, I am the person I am today, and everyone in my eyes is equal!

Going “Green”

Lets see here, going “green” is something that you hear constantly. Everyone is trying to go green. But you have to take one step at a time. A good way to start is reusing supplies, like grocery bags. The local stores sell bags that you buy and reuse all the time, and my family does that. Also, I buy organic foods like yogurt and other foods. Everyone should start going green, you just start and progress little by little!

Do you define as person by their actions or intentions, why?


When you first hear this question, you probably come up with a quick answer. My first answer was you should define someone by their actions. But my answer changed after a class discussion and reading a post . The                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thephrase, “actions speak louder than words” was a great impact in my decision. But, that changed. After reading a post, my answer changed to defining a person by their intention. When someone thinks of something, it could be a good thought. But it can result in a bad action. Someone could hit someone for self-defense, but then get arressted for abuse. The thought is what counts,right? On the other hand, thinking about doing something bad, could result in a bad thing. So wouldn’t you define someone someone on what they think? People can try to help global warming for instance, but it will never happen. They tried and it attempted to. So, you would define that person as a “good” person. Leave a comment on what you think, because there are many different answers.

Year 2057!

Hello world. Today I am 62. I just got back from my trip to the Outer Banks. Me and my wife just bought a 10 bedroom house with an elevator in it. I got home today, and my 2058 Suburban wasn’t there. So, i started flipping out. This car cost me $100,000,000. And to top it all off, the house had a forsale sign on the front lawn. So, my wife drove me to this place. And there was my Suburban in the driveway, and a new house. This house is huge, let me tell you. It has a 4-car garage, and a pool with a spa. My robotic maid came out to greet me. And there was a party inside. All of my grandchildren were jumping up and down. Hannah and Jack just started to walk, and they ran over to give poppa a hug. I just retired from my law firm, and am enjoying my life on the glof course and vacationing. So, I’ll talk to the world later, now it is time to PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY1