I’m a daddy!

For our child development class, in unified arts, we have to carry a baby doll around for a week and a half. My babies name is Hannah and she has a yellow one piece on. During school, we have to put our babies in daycare(a laundry basket) in the science room, and our teacher dosen’t like it. But it teaches us.. not to have a teenage pregnancy!

11 thoughts on “I’m a daddy!

  1. Do you have to take Hannah home at night? And does she wake you up all night long? How many do you have in daycare when you are in the science lab?

    I’m sure it is teaching you all a lot about babies.

    Thanks for letting me know you have joined the student blogging competition. It was actually the idea of Miss Wyatt. I liked it so much that I decided that we should support and promote it on The Edublogger.

  2. G’day Dady John,

    Welcome to the blogging competition. I hope you enjoy taking part and learn lots about blogging.

    Here is your chance to tell your readers a bit about yourself but remember to be internet savvy in what you say.

    Our students in grade 10 have a chance with the baby dolls but they have to look after them for at least 4 days. Long days at school or during the weekend and extremely long nights at home. They keep them in class with them and have to go out to feed or rock when the babies cry.

  3. JOHN.
    i say the heading and was like,
    “NO HE DIDNT !”
    but good luck with your plastic doll. (:

  4. Wow… daycare in a laundry basket… as someone who is not particularly keen on children (little ones that is – I teach high school) I think storing them in a laundry basket when you are not using them is an interesting concept!!!!
    Would love to see some posts about your thoughts during this exercise.

  5. AHHH HANNAH =] i happen to be her godmother =] hahaha i love the laundry basket daycare johnnn !!!

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  7. This reminds me of a program which ran in schools in the UK – teenagers actually moved in and looked after a baby/toddler to experience the hard work involved.

  8. John you scared me when i read the title i was like “OMG no he didn’t” i bet you miss hannah now that she is back with mrs.d or maybe not i dont know.Well see you on tuesday!!!


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